Hill Management Group, LLC. offers full-service warehousing and fulfillment services. If you have a project that cannot be done in-house due to space, distance or other constraints, Hill Management Group, LLC. (HMG) is ready to help, HMG can also assist by providing the following services:

  • Short-term and Long-term storage
  • Bulk and Racked Storage
  • Pick & Pack / Order
  • Fulfillment and Kitting
  • Cycle counts
  • Sorting and Containment
  • Assembly work and Sub-Assembly
  • Minimum Inventory alert
  • Rework

HMG warehouses offer flexible space at a variable cost which can expand or contract based on your exact business needs. Long term and short term storage options available.



HMG can complete simple to complex Pick/Pack operations by breaking down pallets and shipping individual cases to fulfill your individual orders.



Management of your inventory is our top priority. With regular cycle counts and best in class processes, HMG provides reliable inventory management solutions.



Bulk quantities are inspected and carefully packaged to the customer’s specifications and stored or shipped to immediate point of use.



We provide a wide range of Sorting and Inspection Services onsite at our facility or we can send a team to your plant or to your customer's plant to sort and inspect non-conforming parts. Sort/rework instructions approved by customer prior to commencing operations. We identify certified stock using your tags or ours. We quarantine non-conforming product and return or dispose of it per your instructions.



  • Repacking of damaged pallets received
  • In house stake truck for local deliveries
  • Custom packaging/tray available